Thursday, February 2, 2012

For My Artist Friends-Just Introduced to a New Site : - )

My thanks to an artist friend-Lee- for the heads up!

I always keep a sketchbook near by-where ever I go-but-am experiencing 'Artist's Block'-because of criticism at home - so - this one was very help-ful.


Spreadeagle72 said...

Test using blogger id.


sue hanes said...

Carol - I'm sorry to hear about the Arist's Block.

Although I am in a Failed Marriage (can't raise the money for a Lawyer's fee) and the atmosphere here is Oppressive - I have never felt stifled by this in my Painting.

But rather I try to completely avoid playing the Piano while my 'husband' is around.

It's interesting that you experience this and I don't - but I Really don't know your Situation.

Also - you menioned a Sketchbook - which I never have done.

I just sit down and Paint.

Spreadeagle72 said...

Looks like it let me.
I sent you an email about someone else having problems commenting on your site also. I'm still going to try and do it without signing into blogger......
Thanks for all you do!

Spreadeagle72 said...

SH....I guess you know why divorce is so expensive huh?...
It's worth it. I'm now married to the greatest woman I've ever know and have never looked back.
As far as playing the piano....DON'T STOP PLAYING FOR ANYONE! I have a 140 year old upright and have completely reworked the action. LOVE IT! Wish I could play more.

Carol...... I can't remember the last time I was able to scroll or make a piece of jewelry. It may have something to do with the atmoshpere in this country. Maybe you might could look around for the good things going on and sketch/paint/sculpt on that in the same way 9/11 inspired you.....just in a good light.

Never Quit....Spread the Word

sue hanes said...

SE72 - First I would like to say that if ya don't like google try Bing - I hear that some folks use that all of the time.

And - thanks for the encouragement about Playing The Piano - I'll Really try to keep that in mind.

SE - Your refurbished upright sounds Really great but for me it's all about a Grand.

I Dream of having a Steinway someday.

christian soldier said...

Sue-I stopped playing the piano and singing-
Sad isn't it - how we allow people who are jealous of our talent to get the better of us--
Not going to stop anymore-
Hugs -

christian soldier said...

SE-your comments have 'arrived' yehhhh-

christian soldier said...

SH-I also paint-and sculpt-

carrying a sketchbook keeps my mind alert and recording what I see via sketches or just 'scribbling' horses out of my head gives me peace...

They Say/We Say said...

I have a cheap program called web graphics. Using it I added the ribbons (4) around the space shuttle (and colored the ribbons), the border (and colored the border) for the pyramids; taken by a astronaut from the window of the space shuttle, the border (and colored) around the Texas Flag and added the people (two sets of people); I took from an old flip phone camera 1.3 mg pix of a flag flown at a car dealer ship on Dec 24th a few years ago--the background is a real dark storm blowing in, the clock and 100$ bill was made transparent to see the clock-added the 'click to see the U.S. Debt clock' letters-were set/sized/rotated one at a time and added the different colors and back ground colors, the American flag is four pictures all on top of the other transparent each one to show the other, the back ground is one picture cut in half and flipped the two one on each side of the flag and added half a sphere and flipped and aligned to look like a moon or planet, added some stars and put a red ring around one of the real stars in the picture, while driving I saw the Air Mail mail boxes, snapped with the same old flip phone camera and added the border, the latest is a picture with the same old flip phone camera while driving through a tunnel--also added colors and moved the colors around to simulate the light and added the borders- two different sets of borders-with a added background for a extra border.
I never did anything like this before--having a blog and a cheap program to experiment is pretty neat huh?

They Say/We Say said...

oh, and added the yellow circle that look like the sun in the Texas Flag pic.

christian soldier said...

TS-thank you fro the instructional overview-
you know-I'm going to experiment using your guidance-
can I call upon you if I run into trouble...

They Say/We Say said...

you can---but, I only used a program and pics I took---and some Ideas.
Not to knowledgeable; but ask, and maybe we can figure it out together.
Web Graphics Creator: by Laughing Bird Software, buy online or----I bought from a big box store.
I just went there to the site and looks like they no longer have the cheap program. Looks like the New Software is now 'Ad Creator'.
I don't think Blogger will let us use a "Flash" Banner, but the program is also for non-Flash creations, just pay a little more for their program and maybe some day move to a self host bog to use the full force of the "FLASH Animation".
Maybe look around the big box stores and see if they have the Old---WEB CREATOR.
Anyway look around the web site to see the LOGO CREATOR (Business Cards and such), here is the link: