Monday, February 6, 2012

Schwartzberg-Moving Art-Oh My GOD

To me peace and Beauty go together-
I ALWAYS LOOK AT the SKY-it always is changing-it is never the same -sometimes serene-sometimes colorfully awesome-sometime dark -and the stars and moon-WOW-
Guess what-looking at the SKY is mentioned in this video-!!
Louie Schwartzberg has had a passion for his moving photography for most of his life-even back in the days when actual FILM had to be used!! The artist is patient and passionate about his chosen form of art--
This video is Well Worth Your Time -
BLESSINGS to You My Friends-May Blessings Flow Through You to Those Around You---
Thank you-My Friend -Margo...


Leticia said...

I can stare up at the sky for hours day or night and on cloudy days it is amazing how wonderfully majestic the clouds form such intricate designs.

That's all God.

christian soldier said...

L-you too!
I also look up whenever I hear a plane-helicopter or jet--- : - )
and- watching sunsets over a large body of water is the ultimate!