Saturday, February 25, 2012

Homeschool-It's Time to Take Our Education System Back

 As you all know- I decided to home educate my-still in the womb - off-spring-simply because -having taught 10 years in the public school system-I knew that the basics were no longer being  emphasized..--
My increased knowledge of my Country's  Founding  and -the HIStory behind it- started when I met a man named Marshal Foster at my first Home Educators' Convention-1984-!
Our Ed System has deteriorated so much that not many university grads could pass the US 8th grade test of 1895!


Z said...

We had such a fine education system in L.A. for so many years, I resented private schools and then saw the I TOTALLY see the need to keep kids OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL; what they're learning, if they learn anything, is abominable.
\what do you mean you homeschooled while pregnant? What did I miss !! :-)

By the way, your rhino drawing is excellent :-) xxx

Ron Russell said...

Public schools are no longer controlled by the "public", rather the activist special interest groups. Home schooling is the only way to go.

christian soldier said...

Z-I made my decision to Homeschool when I was still pregnant...Yes--:-)
You compliment as to my illustration of the RINO is a great encouragement thank you!

RR-Your are so right on-and - yes- in my opinion - too- homeschooling is the only way to go-

Kid said...

Federally controlled school system is probably the most dangerous evil thing going in this country.

Notice how the feminists of the 70's? 80's? got women out of the home also.

This communist agenda has been worked for a Long time, starting in Earnest with the Assassination of JFK and the kangaroo installation of LBJ.

Leticia said...

Good for you. There is no way that I can homeschool my boys, I don't have the patience, or the money to do that.

We need both incomes to survive right now.

But for those who can afford it and stay home with their kids, I commend you.

Spreadeagle72 said...

All I can say is AMEN! You know my feelings about it already.

NOTE: I WILL be deleting my all GOOGLE account before the end of the week due to their new privacy policies and the general headache with using their CRAP anyway.
All web history will be tracked by this new government agency called GOOGLE! Great news huh?

They say you can go through their settings to prevent it but.....

Thanks for the post