Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NBA-Jeremy Lin-Thanks his Lord and Savior -Jesus Christ

Another bold Christian athlete-
Tebow (NFL)-Lin (NBA)- Pavel Datsyuk (NHL-Red Wings)-who else in the professional sports world?!!
thegatewaypunditnba-sensation-jeremy-lin-thanks-his-lord-and-savior-after-game-winning-with video-
Encouraging-Christians are standing up!!!


christian soldier said...

L- so glad you liked it-

Spreadeagle72 said...

CAPCHA CODING has been on your comment section for quite some time. It was ok for a while but now I have to log into google for the capcha coding/word verification security thingy. It won't work at all with me only logged into Wordpress. That's the problem I've been having. I of course don't mind logging into google to comment on your blog BUT if it's something you didn't want..... I would be upset too.
There was a guy that responded to my ? to the blog forum about your blog. I'll try and find the email and send it to you. He couldn't comment on your site either.....I HATE GOOGLE!

christian soldier said...

Leticia-your comment somehow got erased-
It is time for me to switch to Word Press!

Spreadeagle72 said...

So far I have not had any trouble with Wordpress. OTHER THAN TRYING TO COMMENT ON A BLOGGER POST WITH MY WORDPRESS ID.
It is my first blog ever but they have pretty good tutorials as to how to set things up and integrate with facebook, yahoo..whatever I'm still learning but if you need help let me know.

city said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....