Monday, June 17, 2013

comments on the IRS etc-Great video on the history of the big Banks and IRS

 My comment on the video below to Always on Watch's site:
The iron fist of the IRS started as 'small camel's nose in the tent of freedom' by Lincoln - to fund the war between the states- called the RS--
The Dark Side always uses 'small steps'

Do not forget the usurpation of the U.S.'s once excellent Ed System--starting in the early 1900s--
No college grad could pass the U S 8th grade test of 1896!-my post link

Will be passing this video along--
Thank you for it--I even watched the whole thing!
I hope the producers will be protected--I am concerned about the safety of Truth tellers-

Getting up at 5:30 AM helps!!
Take the time to watch this video-there are warning  quotes from the Founders - and it is right on!!


TSWS said...

Lincoln printed His own money too.

Look what happened to him.

He said, Before me is the South, which I Loath; behind me are the Bankers, which I FEAR.

christian soldier said...

T-do you think he was murdered by the bankers?--I do--
He was not a strick Constitutionalist - that is for sure!!