Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maj-Jaimie Leonard- West Point -and two others murdered by muslim in afghan army uniform/AWESOME VIDEO of Band and Real Soldiers

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 up -date - Californians/Produce awesome video of our BEST - a real trubute-
Thank you SECRET STATE--
I love it when folks use their talents and skills for our BEST-Go ARTISTS!!

my question-Can We Bring Them Home Now!!??


Always On Watch said...

Off topic and possible blog fuel for you:

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the kingdom’s top cleric, ordered the governor of Jazan, a coastal city, to smash the statues because they are forbidden in Islam.

christian soldier said...

A-the Sheikh needs to be smashed--what an ugly eyed Satanist--
No horse would trust him- believe me--thank you for the heads up-my friend--

Mustang said...

Carol, I cannot even begin to tell you how much this pisses me off. Kissing the asses of Mohammedans has never worked, and we are losing good people for our failure to put those monkeys in their place.

christian soldier said...

M-fist war as a new Republic against the Barbary Pirates (muslims) becasue they were demanding 20% of our GDP-for tribute --appeasement--
Jefferson and Madison STOPPED appeasing!

you are right-we must stop appeasing now- and let them kill each other off! -My Take...My Bad!?

Mustang said...

Actually, I share your view. I think, for example, we should let the Syrians battle it out ... and when they're all done, we should NUKE the winner.

This is probably why I was never nominated to become Secretary of State.

christian soldier said...

M-SoS- Huh! -thanks for the smile moment my friend--

Sam Huntington said...

Did anyone expect a different result in Afghanistan? If they did, they are foolish and tragically under-educated. What a shame to lose good Americans to murdering jackals of the Middle East. Bush led us there, damn him. Obama selected Afghanistan as his war of choice ... may he rot in hell, too.

Bring our troops home .. NOW.

christian soldier said...

SH- Agreed on all counts!! - thanks for stopping bye-Patriot friend!