Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Did You Know That Our US Children are "HUMAN CAPITAL" ?!!-Common Core -GVT Control of Schools-

Well guys- we allowed this travesty- gvt "program" after gvt "program"-
This video 'follows the $$$' and gives a great overview :

BTW-8th Grade Class Book for today_

and the 8th Grade Test of 1895- the one no college grad could pass:


William Stout said...

First, the Federal government has no business in education. There is nothing in the Constitution that permits the Federal government to educate children or set the standards for education. Public education is the territory of State and local governments because they are closer to the people. Second, because the Federal government hands out free money, they have decided that they can tell you what you can do with their money or what you have to do in order to get their money. The problem is that it isn't their money to begin with. It is our money that has been forcibly taken from us. The more Uncle Sam gives out, the more he takes out of our pocket.

Third, government isn't about results. It is about intent. If the government intends for the school systems to abide by x standards, then it does not matter if x standards does not in fact exist. This is why "unintended consequences" occur so often in government programs. For example, the government seeks to protect women from their domestic abusers. They passed a law that forever strips an abuser of the right to bear arms on a misdemeanor conviction of domestic assault. The unintended consequence comes in when government realizes that women are being targeted by this law far more than men. Why? Because women abuse their husbands/boyfriends at higher rates than the women are being victimized (true story). When the law was first passed, everybody trumpeted it as a triumph for women. Today, not so much.

The government is replete with such failures. But they never promised actual results, they only promised good intentions. The fact that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions never seems to come up in committee discussions.

WomanHonorThyself said...

failure after failure tragic for youth! HUGS!