Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Should I be Flattered- My Illustration Was Executed 4+ Years Ago -

and has been up on my site for over a year--Look to your right at my scroll--
The RINO Hits  the Wall-by Carol--author of RINO - in 1993--

Look at the cartoon - you tell me--

BTW-to remind- I wrote about rhinos infiltrating the playing table of the elephants--in 1993-and then told  my friend that a certain R LA mayor was a Republican In Name Only a RINO--she took it and ran with it--had RINO buttons made for a major Republican convention in the mid '90s ..the rest in history--
Wish I had copy written  the 1993 story and the acronym--RINO back then----I'd be wealthy now- HUH!
The story is copy written now --


Mustang said...

Yes, be flattered ... but safeguard everything you do from now on.

Kid said...

Carol, You should have.

I don't know whether I was the 1st, but I used a couple terms before I heard them...

hildebeast and libtard.

My buddy used the term libiot and I just didn't like it so came up with libtard.

As far as the beast, I'll concede MANY people could have come up with that one. :)

re: Mustang's comment. Yes, do. There aren't many people out there imo that have such insight as you. Why not use the tools in place.

TS/WS said...

Don't feel too bad.
There are things I've said (and done) that have been taken as their own-and some things that for safety, i can't say are mine.
Some of my blog post have been repeated word for word on the Sunday talking heads shows (all of them on the same day) and Rush show; even though he doesn't know I am the very one he in a rant one day out of the blue- told me to stay away from his show. You know I am to blunt (one guy let me pound it out on his show) and so does Rush as I scared him after hearing me on the other show.
The funny part is he keeps using my phrase.
You know, as much as we see what is going on, and the prominent elected purps, use the Bible verses to tell us (the lowly people who need their guidance) what the Bible says (as if we don't know),that they have a handle on it/everything is ok they are in control. But....there is a BIG BUT,
They are using the words from the prophets of warnings - NOT To Be in DEFIANCE oF The Almighty!
Some say that these purps don't know what they are doing.
Here's my BIG BUT...BUT they absolutely DO know what they are doing!
They are using the verses to trick the people to turn farther from the WORD.
And some like you and me can see every twist and turn in this big Play (the world is a stage and we are the...), and our warnings just goes out as a satire and mean spirited attack on those purps that quote the verses.

christian soldier said...

M- I will and have written a post stating that everything created my me- is copy right material..I think that covers it ?! Right?!

christian soldier said...

K- appreciate your words of encouragement- and the synopsis of your creative idea(s)...

christian soldier said...

TS-thank you for letting me know that you had an incident w/ Rush--and that some of your creative works were 'borrowed' (my words not yours :-)--

The office of prophet is sometimes a burden--no one believes us until it is late in the 'game'...

christian soldier said...

Speaking of prophetical takings--my cartoon illustration of bho (right side roll) - was executed late 2006 or early 2007--hardly knew the guy-but something told me he was not right--

TS/WS said...

No I did not have a run-in with Rush.
Rush heard my tactic on a radio show, that scared him, he said not to call his show and use that blunt a reasoning.
And, little does he know he now repeats from a blog of the same person.
And the prophets warned of the peoples stiff neck position would be self destruction.
Today (last 15 or so years) the elected - turned purps, are using the words of the stiff necked people, as a way to rally the low information voters to turn away from the prophets warnings-turn away from The Almighty's WORD!

TS/WS said...
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TS/WS said...

Oh, not that my creative works were borrowed.
But my idea had gotten the attention of those that did not want to let it go unchallenged. Forced some unwittingly to do damage control.