Monday, June 24, 2013

Iraq Vet Kills Himself after being ordered to commit war crimes--He could Not Live With Himself--

If this scenario is true-I am pissed!!   and I do  believe there is a Military industrial complex where folks make $$$$ on the backs of our BEST!!-
You who have been in combat- please give me your take--


William Stout said...

War is an ugly thing. The young men sent to war for the first time never come back the same. They are forever changed. Baseball, mom, and apple pie does not prepare you to do what you need to do in order to survive such a thing and sometimes the mind does not survive. I mean that the mind still drives the body to eat, to move, to breathe, but it descends to a place that it cannot bring itself to climb out of.

I don't doubt that this young man fought some pretty strong demons. He was forced to do some things that he disagreed with morally and it broke him. What he calls war crimes, may not have happened at all. For example, in his book Lone Survivor the author tells of the SEAL team struggling with the decision to kill unarmed civilians in Afghanistan. Ultimately, they decided to let them go knowing that they would tell the local Taliban their position and sure enough, they came under fire minutes later. Wounded, alone, and with the enemy searching for him to kill, he escaped and lived to tell the tale. Was it the right decision to let the civilians walk? Even knowing the outcome of that decision, it is still a very difficult thing to call from a moral point of view. That is especially true today with the scattered morality and fractured religion of the United States.

The fact that women so desperately want into this dark and brutal world is perplexing to me. Have women fallen so low as that they now believe that they are so superior to men that they can survive such a thing with ease? They fought tooth and nail to get combat arms opened up to them and they got it. They are also due to get the exact same experience that this young man lived through that drove him to take his own life. Combat soldiers kill themselves because they cannot reconcile who they were before with what they have had to do and what they had to see other men do. It is a tragedy, but it is also an unavoidable tragedy for many because for some, they will never reconcile the difference.

When society adds to the soldier's burden by rejecting what he had to live through and denying him the honor that he has rightly earned in their service, it can greatly deepen those wounds as it did with returning vets from Vietnam. Men were drafted and sent to war and when they returned home they were called murderers, baby killers, and spat upon. Even Hollywood got into the act by branding Vietnam vets as crazies. Thank God that that has not occurred with Iraq and Afghanistan in general. Those boys have enough to deal with.

I will close by repeating one of my favorite Robert E. Lee quotes, he said that "It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it." The mental casualties of war are just part and parcel of the experience of war. While the military handles them better than in the past, there will never the less be soldiers that we will lose after they return home. It is tragic, but it is also unavoidable.

William Stout said...
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Mustang said...

I have sent you a separate email, CS ...

christian soldier said...

WS- Thank you for your take--
I do not know why women want to be on the front lines--
speaking of our V Vets--I vowed that is I ever saw one of BEST spat upon - I would execute a citizen's arrest!

christian soldier said...

M- I read it and thank you for your insight--

trailbee said...

WS-Thank you for an insightful comment. There are inequalities in life which are unexplainable, but there and a true fact. One of them is that females are different from men. It is why G-d has us have the babies. :) I, too, was sorry to see the ruling for women in combat, and feel it is an error, with unexpected consequences. But, then, I'm old, and have lived through WWII in Europe.
My heart bled for VN Vets, and still does. They were drafted and had to go. Only each one one knows the hell he went through. I sometimes wonder if there is not a mountain of guilt hauled around by many who chose Canada, jail, or defiance, and if this has something to do with who we are as a nation and allowing into Washington DC. Are there people who chose not to register actually part of the far left trying to dismantle our country? Just a thought.
We have some unusual global events about to hit the fan, and it will be interesting to see how the president decides to use the Military, or not. He's one lucky son-of-a-gun because he has a superb Navy, so won't feel the pinch for a long time.
Again, thank you for a great comment.