Saturday, February 14, 2009

Danes Demand FREE Speech--

The Danes are at it again!--How dare they demand freedom of speech!? :-)
Thank you -Gates of Vienna:
Denmark is different.

Denmark I keep saying it, and you all are probably tired of hearing it, but it’s true.

A case in point: recently an experimental policy was implemented in a Danish supermarket whereby a Muslim checkout clerk was allowed to do her job while veiled. But public reaction to the new practice was so negative that the permission to work in hijab was withdrawn.

Now — assuming you’re not Danish — can you imagine such a thing happening in your country? It certainly couldn’t happen in mine — the poor victim of racial discrimination would have had her boss up to his ears in civil rights lawsuits, most likely driving the supermarket into bankruptcy. Gates of Vienna

NOW -a DANISH horse and rider - performing the most artistic -Grand Prix-Musical Kur I have ever seen-remember - Dressage means -training- and the training involved is using the natural moves of horses to be executed on command-designed for warfare:ENJOY-:


Z said...

OH MY GOSH was that FANTASTIC Dressage (and longer than usual!)
We used to watch when we lived in Europe..a couple of hours of dressage...fascinating when you see lesser and better animals in one show, you really get what made THIS HORSE incredibly good.
I love when the rider hugs the horse sweet, that affection and appreciation.
Thanks for posting that..we love this and I'm sending your blog to Mr. Z now.

That horse had better dancing rhythm than Obama at the inaugural balls!

As for the veiled checker? You're right...our stores would be sued in the millions. And lose. Insanity reigns.

christian soldier said...

Z-I'm honored that you are directing this to Mr.Z--and that you enjoyed the horse and rider combination so much---not many know how precise and exciting dressage can be---
Blu Hors does dance - doesn't she...
BHO and MO-class is not their forte...
The veiled checker and other insults to our way of life-have to go...
One step is to rid ourselves of the 'camel's nose under the tent of Freedom-the hate speech laws'!