Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Non-Christian Considers Christians to be "...the most powerfull force in the counterjihad."

I copied the entire post because I love the illustration-thank you Citizen Warrior from IBA.......:

Converting Muslims Into Christians

I'm not a Christian, but I consider Christians to be the most powerful force in the counterjihad. Someone just sent me this link:

It's the web site and ministry of an ex-Muslim who is now a Christian pastor, and he is having some significant success converting Muslims into Christians.

I've often thought that the real long-term solution to the problem will have to be Muslims becoming apostates one way or another. If that means converting to Christianity, that's great. Anyway, I thought this site might be of interest, maybe even deep interest to the Christians among us.

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Always On Watch said...

I saw that post by CW.

If one looks at the history of Islam, only Christianity has successfully pushed back the mohammedans.

Now, I'm not saying that others can't contribute to pushing back the forces of evil. Certainly they CAN!

But this fact remains: Islam has declared a holy war, whether we want to fight it as such or not.

christian soldier said...

It is my belief that we do-
Let's put on the Full Armor and DO IT!!!!!
Always-enjoyed the show w/ the Col and Z...Thank you for 'standing in the gap'....

shoprat said...

That is definitely the solution. The only solution in fact.

Z said...

I'm with Shoprat..the ONLY solution..for us..AND THEM!

I'm so happy you enjoyed Always'show....they're always very interesting!

christian soldier said...

shoprat and Z-we can start by showing FITNA-OBSESSION (IBA) has several clips today) writing our intent-state our intent-organize-and show the love of Christ w/o being TOO NICE! :-)
Do you think the last is too strong?
Jesus wasn't 'nice' to the $$ changers--and he out maneuvered the lawyers & religious leaders when questioned...strong and focused was HE...