Thursday, February 26, 2009

File -Islam's Gastly Acts-

File is below the Tweak:
My Christian Friends --check out Christian Torture:
Thank You - Kevin- at IBA:

- Cambridge University cartoon dhimmitude CA1, CA2
- Danish cartoons CA5
- extremely irreverent cartoons CA3
- Toonophobia CA4

Censorship jihad
- gagging criticism of Islam CEJ1. CEJ6, CEJ7, CEJ8 , CEJ10, CEJ11, CEJ12,
- Shooting the messenger:
- - undercover mosque CEJ2
- - Geert Wilders CEJ3, CEJ4, CEJ5
- United Nations to outlaw criticism of Islam CEJ9

- attacks on CHR1, CHR4, CHR5, CHR6, CHR7
- Christmas market attack CHR3
- torture and mutilation in modern Turkey CHR2

Link for all---

C-Christian Soldier

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