Monday, February 23, 2009

Julian Bond-I'm Offended That You Are Offended!! I'm posting the Chimp Cartoon!!--Remember the DANES Fought Back!!!

FREE SPEECH attacked by NAACP--and Julian Bond...
I'm offended that the racists are offended!!!;

Sean Delonas used the bizarre case of the crazed flesh-eating Travis the Chimpanzee to comment harshly on the Democrats' "stimulus" package.
NY post has waffled---
Let's see how other Americans react!!!
thank you Gateway:

Another victim group - the followers of ISLAM- attacked a Danish cartoonist and Danish Embassies etc. ---the Danes just got stronger-

Stand for free speech



shoprat said...

Some people deserve to be offended and most of them are leftists.

christian soldier said...

shoprat-I've noticed that too ! :-)