Friday, February 13, 2009

'Royals'-'Royals' Everywhere-They're All Just Hypocrits..

First it was our 'royal' Nancy P..Junketing on you and me..:

Now it's 'royal' Charlie...Jet Flying to push the 'Green':

and it all rhymes --but with no reason...


Z said...

"They also stress that he will offset his carbon emissions."

Can you stop laughing when you read that? HOW!? WHAT??? TELL US HOW HE PLANS TO DO THIS! HAAA!

Sorry about the rest...I can't agree. NOT THAT I EVEN PARTIALLY SUPPORT THIS NUTSY TRIP AND ITS MOTIVATION (TRUST ME!) prince and 14 people are going to go to the airport and wait till their flight..when they have people to see and things to do.

I've got to disagree, Carol...I DO see your point and I sympathize, but this seems to me like when our car company presidents DROVE to DC because they shouldn't take company planes. Company planes Do facilitate travel for execs who don't have much time...

Anyway, we are always on the same page and I probably shouldn't mouth off on this one, but imagine a prince or company president making millions (which I DO disagree with unless they've cured all cancers!) fighting airport traffic to get to tons of engagements in 2 days? Naaa

But, then, I've always kind of liked royals!! IN BRITAIN, not the way our leaders are starting to Queen Pelosi!!!

thanks for your remarks at my place..So appreciated. I hope you don't hold mine here against me!!! xxxx (Funny, my word verification to type before this publishes is MOUFF...maybe I should have kept mine SHUT?!)

christian soldier said...

Z-Hey-I don't mind ANYONE owning a private jet-I want one too :-)
My beef w/ the prince--(we got RID) blood royals in 1776- he was pushing GREEN---but-he wasn't DOING green---let him take the train ...
As to Nancy P-she's using our $$$ to go and get an award...instead of allowing discussion on the 'stimulus' package-that would be your,my off-spring's, and my $$$$$!!!

Z said...

You know, I saw your comment at my site and thought "Carol's's one thing to be a prince and take private planes...visit countries on behalf of the Brits, get some business, do some gracious social stuff...FINE..but Carol's right, really....THE HYPOCRISY IS ludicrous." You're absolutely right.