Friday, July 3, 2009

National Endowment for the Arts--Run By Pigeons?--Thus-Works Like 'Piss Christ'...

I wondered why much "ART" ??? was no longer pleasing to the HUMAN eye...!!!

I always wondered how certain works by the TAX PAYER funded group given LOTS of your MONEY to fund "ART" -the National Endowment for the ARTS (NEA)-- and which funds artists who 'create such 'works of art?' as 'Piss Christ'...were judged!!
The 'judging may be done by PIGEONS!!!!!

Bird's eye view: Pigeons are trained as fussy art critics in bizarre study
By Daily Mail

According to scientists, given the incentive of food, racing pigeons can be trained to study the colour, pattern and texture of paintings and evaluate them like an art critic.

Enlarge pigeon

Coo, that's lovely: Pigeons were trained to peck at 'good' children's pictures where specific shapes could be seen

Their experiment was divided into two halves: the first saw four pigeons placed in a chamber with a computer monitor displaying watercolour and pastel paintings by schoolchildren.

The paintings were divided into 'good' and 'bad' categories by 11 adults, including an art teacher, depending on whether the images were clear and precise.

The pigeons were shown some of the paintings from each category and rewarded with food when they pecked at the good pictures, but not the bad ones.

They were then presented with a mixture of new and old paintings from both categories and the researchers noted the birds consistently pecked at the 'good' paintings more often.

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