Thursday, July 2, 2009

CHRISTIAN Alert--....Pakistan Embassy No. -

MR at IBA has an heads up about Christians being murdered and their homes and churches being burned in Pakistan--He also has the Pakistani embassy number to call :

Just read Drudge and my favorite blogs---Then I clicked IBA again..see above....

I need to clear my mind--going to go out -= do my walk-run---draw my horse--read my new book _The Apostle_ by Thor--walk my dog--read the Bible--and work on my post for tomorrow---
I knew the wreckers of my country were coming--glad they the THEY are now obvious to many Americans...

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Z said...

Sounds a lot of good things to do to not think about America's decline.
I joined a mystery book loving it. I'm in China now solving a dead girl's murder!

Carol...this is all foreshadowed, but IN OUR LIFETIME? OH, my