Monday, July 20, 2009

Problems in Minnesota ??? Somali Killing Somali...

I'm just going to highlight items that stuck out in my mind-

--those of you who know me and know current events and historical events will get it:

From a new article which I will link:
Minneapolis struggles with rise of Somali gangs
"It was all gang activity, totally, 100 percent," said Shukri Adan, a former Somali community organizer
More than half of Minnesota's Somalis are living in poverty, according to state statistics, and many complain that authorities are biased against Somalis because of their Islamic faith.


Minnesota Congressman -Ellison :
Sunni Muslim

This I took from a State Site:

AKA Keith Maurice Ellison

Born: 4-Aug-1963
Birthplace: Detroit, MI

Gender: Male
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Race or Ethnicity: Black
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician
Party Affiliation: Democratic

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Congressman, Minnesota 5th

Wife: Kim (one daughter, three sons)
Daughter: Amirah
Son: Jeremiah
Son: Elijah
Son: Isaiah
University: BA Economics, Wayne State University (1985)
Law School: JD, University of Minnesota (1990)


shoprat said...

When Muslims reach a critical mass they become dangerous.

christian soldier said...

SR-and I believe they have reached that point in MI and MN and CA VA gosh-even MT---Probably the whole country...

Z said...


I haven't ever seen a burqa here in LA, Carol..ever. We're full up here with 'critical mass' illegal Hispanics.

We DO have mosques, however...including a REAL THREATENING one, from what I hear.But, of course, killing Americans is part of FREE SPEECH, right? :-(

Any other country'd treat this Somali story with "Okay, you're GONE..back to Somalia, folks....end of story" not USSSS!!

christian soldier said...

Z-I see the hajib (sp) all of the time at the C College--one step at a time...

Anonymous said...

Critical mass will they reach it??
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