Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beyond PRICE-Thanks to One of Our BEST....

Read the following explanation before looking at the picture!��

Most Syrians struggle to even read Arabic, much less have a clue aboutreading English.���

So, how do a group of Syrian protest leaders create the most impact with their signs by having the standard 'Death To Americans'(etc..) slogans printed�� in English?


They simply hire an English-speaking civilian to translate and write their statements into English.

Unfortunately, in this case, they were unaware that the 'civilian' insurance company employee hired for the job was a retired US Army Sergeant! Obviously, the results were PRICELESS!

This picture is not doctored.

Some day I'll be able to C/P to fit the photos...
The last sign says:PLEASE KICK OUR ASSES..

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