Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WOOO--"to death .".Rahm's words to non-Clinton supporters-..

Just got back so had more time to post more of the translation of my Rahm Emanuel piece of this morning...This guy is not well thought of and here are some some reasons why:

Translation from French:
WHAT'S MORE: Rahm Emanuel is renowned to have a character "unstable".

In 1996, it qualified the Democrats that had not voted for Bill Clinton of "traitors".

Then, crazy of rage, it arose in a worldly, screamed dinner the names of the persons that had not supported Clinton and added "to death, to death, to death!" while stabbing the tables with a knife to meat, which was worth him the nickname of "rahm-bo".

and another!!-to note these are out of sequence from the article but-each can stand on its own:
As community organizer (social coordinator) to Chicago, Obama had been done an agitation specialty that handles and toughens the craving, hate, the paranoia victimaire (method brillement analyzed by the writer Tom Wolfe in his classic of 1970, Radical Chic and the mau-mauing of the flak-catchers), not being done for lack of use the physical pressures, the aggression and the threat.

What was worth, in a neighborhood of Chicago, now brought up at the federal level: is the presidency that orchestra, Obama that takes, Rahm Emanuel that, in shock nervi, orchestra. This is him that goes through over the head of the employers of the chains of television, and forces the company CEOS that some are owners to housewife of the beaches schedules of premium time for that Obama can harangue the populo. Curious mixture of Rastignac and of Vautrin!


again-thank you Serum de Liberte..


shoprat said...

America made be just a little harder to cow than Chicago.

christian soldier said...

Hope and Change :-)
Just not the Constitution...