Monday, August 3, 2009

West Point-TOP Ratings...Again!!!

Cadets on Parade on "The Plain" in front of Eisenhower, Washington and MacArthur Halls.

WEST POINT – The Princeton Review has ranked West Point as having the “Most Accessible Professors” and in the top 10 of all American colleges in the areas of “More to Do on Campus”, “Don’t Inhale”, “Most politically active students’ and “Best classroom experience.”

“We are very proud of our nationally renowned education program and attribute much of our success to such factors as accessibility of faculty, lively classroom discussions and experiences, and enrichment opportunities outside the classroom,” said Dean of Academics Brig. Gen. Patrick Finnegan. “Our small class size, where every course from freshman through senior years is taught in seminar sized groups of no more than 18 cadets, increases the engagement of faculty with students and enhances the overall educational experience.”

The Princeton Review (not affiliated with Princeton University ), an education services company known for its test prep courses, includes USMA in its annual book, “The Best 371 Colleges.”

in the More To Do Category is --of course---MARCHING!

If you ask the cadets --- that would not be on the TOP of THEIR list :-)


Z said...

Hurrah! What a great bit of information, CS!
I'm sure it's true about the profs being accessible; they're probably mostly conservative and kind and open and patient.........think Ward Churchill is ACCESSIBLE? Sure, only if you drink his kool aid.

christian soldier said...

The teaching staff at WP are VERY accessible-and they really care about each cadet (student)...
As to the other U's- -no!!

JGregg said...

another great post! i was just telling my sons about general lee being the superintendent of west point. will certainly share this news my two sons as well ...



I Ain't Got No Blog said...

what a beautiful picture

christian soldier said...

JG-Thank you for your kind words--I thought I had added your site to my roll-now it's on--I so enjoy your take on issues..

IAGNB- West Point is an awesome place--glad you like the photo..
Went to your 'place'--left no comment :-)