Thursday, August 20, 2009

Destroy -For the Cause of Allah...History w/Art---

An historical video with fabulous art-re-counting the history of destruction by Islamists ---including 9-11 and the mention of the terrorist support group-CAIR...:
h/t...Shiva from IBA:

My Take:History not dealt with or unknown-is history repeated!!


Z said...

the "Erzerum massacre" is also Armenia. I'm glad they included the Armenian genocide, people forget that was also a muslim genocide of the first Christian nation.

Such a peaceful 'religion', eh, Carol!? @()$&*(#$
May good people continue to spread the word of His Son across the muslim world; I hear many are converting but we can't hear it because they can't even tell their own families.

Good post

christian soldier said...

Z-I noticed the mention of the Armenian genocide---and thought you would appreciate it..
I so worry about our Christian brothers and sisters who suffer under the persecution of the 'religion of peace'!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Man, this is scary.

christian soldier said...

PCC-yes,it is....