Friday, June 11, 2010

Creedence - Bad Moon-Prophetic?!! and for our BEST

One of my favorites--even did my favorite dancing after leaving my computer seat-of course :-) -I dance best when it is 'to my own drummer'...partner dancing -Hmmmm-
thanks to Mustang for giving me the idea:

For our BEST who fought in Vietnam-a war THEY WON-but - arm-chair "leaders" retreated/betrayed..
CCR-Fortunate Son-"no senator's son"...there is a link below-same song- but with all know how much I love aircraft!!

Fortunate Son w/ aircraft
OK-for our BEST in this war...Have You Ever Seen the Rain-


The_Kid said...

CS, there is Not a CCR tune that I don't like.

It's been some years, but I remember seeing a TV bit where John Fogerty did a one man show, with people calling in with a little one or two sentence story about some CCR song that they loved, and he played every single one, Solo. By the time it was over, I think he played about 90% of the CCR tunes.

Very cool.

And why haven't I been to your blog more often ? Great blog. I'm going to stick you on the sidebar.

christian soldier said...

Kid-thank you for the tip on John Fogerty--and- so glad you enjoyed the CCR video...
also-appreciate you putting my site on your roll-
you have been on mine for some time...

The_Kid said...

CS, I see you've added a couple more of my favorites. Fortunate Son is probably #1 and Have You Seen the Rain is up there as well.

We went to Pappy's Bar in East Palestine Ohio when we were 15 (42 years ago..) , with fake draft cards, and drank beer and listened to Green River on the box ;-)