Monday, June 14, 2010

U.S.Congressman Assaults a Student!!-"Royal" or Servant?

These " Folks" in government really believe they are "Royals"-
NOT--they are Our Servants--
Do you think this Congressman should be sued for assault!!
BTW -Up Date--no quarter-your apology - such as it is- is not accepted!

Remember Babs Boxer speaking down to the General-"Don't call me Ma'am.."
Hey Babs-you are our servant---the General was speaking respectfully-


The_Kid said...

They're incredibly arrogant aren't they. And I'd also say insecure from knowing how incompetent they are.

No one who has ever had to demand respect had earned it.

christian soldier said...

K-so right you are--
they deserve no respect as far as I am concerned -

MK said...

"Do you think this Congressman should be sued for assault!"

That and i believe that kid was well within his rights to kick the prick in the teeth for it.