Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israelis-Blindsided - US BEST beware of RoEs--Protect and Defend

this is my comment to the video post by Pastorius at IBA:BTW-do the Israelis have Rules of Engagement (RoEs) that hamper their safety - as do our BEST?

the IDF was 'blind-sided' - as I stated yesterday-
I hate to be right on an issue such as this...
Heads up to our US BEST-keep your powder dry--and avoid being 'blind-sided' by the hamstringing RoEs..


Anonymous said...

In my view, Israel did exactly the correct thing —but they executed it badly. This concerns me because if ever Israel needed a highly proficient military and exceptional military/naval leadership, now is that time.

Sending troops aboard a hostile ship (evident by the fact that the ship intentionally tried to run a naval blockade) is serious business. Those naval infantry should have gone in ‘hot’ with sensible rules of engagement. There is an important lesson here: notice how IDF hesitance prompted greater violence by the jihadists.

I hope it was a lesson well-learned.

christian soldier said...

M-I totally agree--and I hope that our BEST will not be hamstrung by the appeasement mentality that is evidenced by this administration via the DoS-DoD-and

MK said...

Unbelievable isn't it, they might as well have hog-tied them and thrown them onto those ships for the savages to tear apart.

christian soldier said...

MK-they were hampered by their set of RoEs--
did you know that our troops have been ordered to have the first chamber of their rifles empty!!