Wednesday, June 16, 2010

poem on Nancy P...

nancy P believes
she is royalty--
remember she said-
with an uplifted head-
'that jet is not large enough for me!'----
poet-C-CS (-:
royalty indeed...NOT


Ron Russell said...

That's cute! Nancy has nothing in common with most in this country. She is a Bag Area elitist and those are the people who she listens too, and lets face it they are out of touch with most Americans.

highboy said...

She actually looks as crazy as she is. Only in Cali could someone like her carry such prestige.

christian soldier said...

RR-thank you--
I do believe there are more elitist "royals" undercover---it is time to expose them for what they are--

HB-sadly-there are Patriots in CA-we just do not have the voting blocks -YET --
our R party here is not solid as far as Constitutionalism--

MK said...

The only thing i want to hear from nancy is when she's decided she's effed up enough and it's time to piss off back to san fran and never come back.

christian soldier said...

MK-we can only "HOPE"-that the "CHANGE" will come :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

good find hun! would u believe this Oil spill fiasco..billions and there ANYTHING Hussein O doesnt want to control!!! argg!!!!

christian soldier said...

WHT-I wrote the poem quickly-as I do most poems that come to my mind---
poetry is fairly easy for me ---and - in these times--the 'royalty' gives me lots of ideas!