Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Would Nancy P. Advocate the Abortion of Christ?-the WORD-

If Nancy Pelosi really believes in the "WORD (Christ) made flesh"-she would be Pro-LIFE--
Since she is pro-Death--she would have advocated for Mary to have had an abortion!!
and she even believes in partial birth abortion:
delivering a baby- feet first -scissors used to cut the base of the baby's skull--then a suction device is inserted and the child's brains are sucked out!!!--

The Word Made Flesh from the wonderful "Christian" woman-nancy pelosi* SARC-- *(LCOP=lower case on purpose)


William Stout said...

I have always viewed abortion as murder. While I can sympathize with the burden a pregnancy and child rearing places on a woman, she ultimately made a choice to engage in behavior that may result in the creation of a child.

To kill the child, who had no choice in his own creation, so that mom can not be inconvenienced is ludicrous. If one recognizes the child as an innocent third party, there is no way that the murder of that child can be justified.

I only wonder when we will come to our senses and stop the slaughter of the unborn due to our own selfishness.

christian soldier said...

WS-the taking of the life of an un-born human is murder--and cannot be explained any other way...