Sunday, June 6, 2010

D-DAY-June 6, 1944--Thank You--

Thank you - those who served and those who are serving--
I re-post this one from 2009-
DAD-never talked much about the war-WWII-Four years in the Pacific-
He did watch Victory At Sea every week--
My mother never understood why he did--
After studying the military and the equations to my passion-horses and art---dressage being the training of horses for war---
My love for planes--Uncle was a P-38 pilot--
The history of this great Constitutional Republic---
I -now- understand my DAD--an hard worker-"pay your bills on time"--"never buy what you cannot afford"...
an 'old softy' at heart...but,not on the outside...
DAD-I love you- I'm sorry I didn't say those words more often ...

Thank you -Always on Watch- for the video and the post at your site honoring our BEST!


William Stout said...

Thank you for posting this Carol, Reagan is one of my heroes and even today, his speeches resonates within me. This is particularly true when he speaks of the sacrifices made by our men in uniform. May we never forget their deeds.

christian soldier said...

WS-just told the checker at Ralph's -loudly enough so several others heard it-while wearing a flag T-shirt --thank you for standing for our BEST and for this Republic..

WomanHonorThyself said...

honoring our best indeed girl!

MK said...

Good post Carol, i'm sure he knows how you feel.

christian soldier said...


MK-thank you for the up-lifting comment -