Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Light Bulbs-$50 for 100 Watt-Start Hoarding --War Dogs for Our Border--CA underage ABORTIONS YES-Facebook No HUH!

I got 'eye rolls' when I started 'collecting' light bulbs whenever they were on sale..
Do you think I'll have the last laugh! :-)
New LED Bulbs -$50 for 100 watt.

and How about the Israelis-they are using War Dogs to help man/dog the border against illegals coming over-
Let's get at it for our border to the south-Mexico-
We know there are terrorist training camps AWA illegal substances of all sorts - drugs-humans and >>>>

California-parents not told when their under-age daughters are sent to get an ABORTION-but-a new bill is in the works for parents to monitor their child's Facebook page--Hmmm


Adrienne said...

We have our complete life time stash of light bulbs in the barn. The only place we use hundreds is in the closets (so we can tell black from navy.) All our other bulbs are either 40W or 60W. Almost all our lights have dimmer switches which means that our bulbs last a long, long time. We rarely blow out a bulb.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

carol -- yeah, that $50 lightbulb has me in stitches. when the govt gets involved, it's downhill (and uphill in prices) from there.


Kid said...

The LED's are wicked expensive.

The good news is that the dust bunnies for brains environuts are the idiots buying the things at these prices ! Bwahahahahaha

What marketing genius. I can see the presentation now. "If these morons are stupid enough to buy into the global thingamabob, they are stupid enough to pay 45 clams for a LED Spotlight!" And yes they are.

christian soldier said...

A-I'm getting there w/ a life time stash as well :-)

Jg-when are we going to un-involve this out of control gvt!

K-you do have a way w/ words-my friend (-: