Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Man in Afghan Village Exposes Lies By Village Leaders-Found a Military Artitist Who Documents by Drawings and by the Written Word

You all who appreciate Art and the Truth-Go to this site!
Here is a 'taste' -

Richard Johnson / National Post

The village Mullah

" And then the Canadians complained about the IEDs – that are still being found – and the necessity that the villagers tell them when the Taliban are nearby, and the villagers seemed to listen. This sleight-of-hand stage-show-farce continued for the next couple of hours, until much to everyone’s surprise one of the villagers broke the deadlock.

An elderly villager stepped forward and addressed the group through the interpreter. “These men are all lying” he said. Then he sat down in the grass looking terrified. Then he continued. “The Taliban were in the village just last night, threatening anyone who is working on the road.”"


Kid said...

Gert is a heck of a man. Been reading about him for years now.

Why do so many Not get what's going on with the muslims. Unreal isn't it?

MK said...

The thing about Afghanistan seems to be that they're a society that wants the freedom to choose backwardness. If there ever was a nation of savages and barbarians in need of an old style colonialist power to invade, destroy their culture and just about everything and rebuild the place in their own image, afghanistan would be it. Mind you, they don't have anything of value, so it'll be like doing home improvements to a toilet over in crack town.

Kid said...

MK, Actually, Afghanistan does have much of value. It is why Russia spent a decade there and why we have spent about a decade there.

Our government really doesn't care about things Taliban, so you can imagine how much less Russia cares. If that's what we were worried about, we'd just fly B52's over the place every few years and bomb them back into their caves when it looked like they were hitting critical mass again.

Afghanistan has prime real estate for an oil pipeline and it has been reported recently, but probably known for some time, that that have unbelievable mineral wealth. Not comin at ya man, just fyi.

On that same score, it is why nations are in Libya and NOT Syria and Yemen. All 3 scenarios are about the same except Libya has oil and most of that oil goes to France and the UK.
And Afghanistan is a nation of warlords, and poppy fields for opium production. Ironically!, They're probably more free - Personal Libertywise - than the rest of us, except for their treatment of women. Sad on that level.

christian soldier said...

K-it is 'unreal' and I thank you for the overview on the mid -East-it truly is the fact that if we 'follow the money' we will know why certain time lines continue to happen..

MK-your overview is also sound-
I do not trust those who follow Mohamed's teachings...ever!