Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WEST WON -bho's gordon Lost-

Notice -gordon kept giving LIB-speak-"The public may want to know..."
West wasn't 'buying it !
See why Allen West is on my very short list for Patriot contenders to high office :-)

h/t JAWA
Bachmann-West Cain-Bolton
West -Bachmann- Bolton-Cain
Cain-Bolton-Bachmann - West-


Z said...

I couldn't listen to more than half. That jerk West is grilling is a nitwit and a liar.
RFP is a common term and doesn't elevate West to anything by acknowledging he knows it! That was an attempt to grease West up..and he didn't buy it.
West's question "what's broken" is the key. WHAT DISHONEST CRAP from that other guy!
Trying to make West eat dogpoop disguised as meatloaf. WHat a JERK

WomanHonorThyself said...

I adore him!