Monday, May 16, 2011

Saudi Woman Drives-FREEDOM Fighter-PC DoD-Take Note...

Remember I informed you all that our female soldiers were NOT ALLOWED to drive in Saudi -land!
I was livid when I heard that the DoD and DoS bought into oppression of women to 'get along' with our 'ally'!
-Seeing as we are giving our $$$$ via oil (let's drill our own w/ US Companies)and 'aid' - and the living breathing bodies of our BEST!!!
I'd say that we are giving our 'ally' the Saudis enough!
This is the best video I could find-You Go Girl:

Read this-a brave Saudi WOMAN has taken the fight for freedom to the streets!!


Mustang said...

Oh no! Now they'll want to take off those masks, force men to limit themselves to only one wife ... See what she's starting???

christian soldier said...

M (-:

MK said...

And liberals would have us believe this backwards cult of 7th century savages contributed phenomenally to the world we enjoy today.

christian soldier said...

MK-my thoughts exactly!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Yesterday at Dadeland Mall, one of our major ones here in Miami, I saw two women in full head to toe Islamic garments, though you could see their faces...interestingly enough they were being "accompanied" by a 30ish young man, who was in a regular t-shirt, jeans and some Fedora type cap. (Western garb, LOL)

I found it so incongruous and ridiculous, especially with 90 degree weather down here in South Florida!!! (

CS, perhaps you recall my warning over the years about the increase of suspicious Pakis and other related Arabs, Persians, etc in my part of town...though it was in Northern Miami did you see the Iman bust??? a Pakistani Taliban money handlder, along with his sons here and a daughter in Pakistan, distributing the cash!!!!

christian soldier said...

I thought of you when that was reported--
We are surrounded here w/ small-corner mosques and -of course- the large mosque built on former Lutheran church property - sold to muslims -
I tried to tell them elders that Christisn property should not be should to mulims-got 'eye rolls'

We know what is being 'taught at these mosques - don't we!