Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Presidents-Which Type Do We in the US Really Want

That is a rhetorical question!
mystery man and Obama in their early 20s1.jpg
Thank you JAWA-andMatzav


Z said...

Imagine Obama EVER fighting hard for anything? Putting his life on the line for ANYTHING?
And he's being feted at Buckingham Palace and has met the new Royal Couple...oh, what FUN it is to be president! And the mainstream news is waxing eloquent about how the Queen LIKES the Obamas! As if she's not cordial and lovely to everyone?

Well....I listened to most of Bebe (the hero's) speech and wish I could have listened to all of it but I'd say he hit it out of the park......he pandered a bit but how could he not? He's got a country to save....while ours is doing quite the opposite.

christian soldier said...

bho has no class-but-no follower of saul alinski has class-ayers-dorn-h. clinton-and et al...
I hope we can entice at least one of the few Republicans with honor - to run for President..

MK said...

One fought for his country and his people, and still does.

The other fights against his country and wants to bring it down from the inside.

christian soldier said...

MK - you 'locked and loaded ' on your take of the two Presidents--