Thursday, May 12, 2011

Students Take Action -against Flag Burner-There Is Hope Yet!

some students are standing up-there is hope yet!
LSU Flag_20110511131940_JPG

ROTC students stand next to a U.S. flag and Louisiana state flag during a prayer vigil held Monday, May 2 at the LSU War Memorial. (LSU Photo)

BTW- the lsu admin gave the burner PERMISSION ...
Graduate communications student Benjamin Haas had earlier been given permission by the school to burn the flag.
Our Friends from Australia & New Zealand -posted this before I was up - of course - they are a day ahead :-)-OK- a few hours ahead (-:
JAWA has Videos!
OKKK- This one shows the creep and has a beautiful horse too!!!

commoncents has a video of a clearer image of the potential flag burner!


Always On Watch said...

Yes, these patriotic students do give us and the real America a glimmer of hope.

BTW, a lot of conservatives do attend LSU.

christian soldier said...

A- thanks for the insight-didn't know that about LSU...
Wish we had more conservatives at CA Universities and colleges...

MK said...

Great to see, it's the only language these hippie scum understand. Don't like America, they can leave.

Lastly, i wish these ratbags had a flag of their own, i'd love to burn it regularly just to piss them off.