Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enfield (England) ARMY-chase mob out of their neighborhood-

Citizen 'soldiers'-
too bad the English gave up their guns - so willingly- several years ago!
Still - there are those willing to stand and fight-I give them great credit!!!
note-the first speaker-"....bastards...are not ENGLISH.."!


Anonymous said...

The only reason this isn't happening here Yet is that we are armed. They are trying though. Never more important now than ever.

christian soldier said...

SE-you are so right on that!!

MK said...

SE is 100% right on both counts.

Just back on that clip, those people in London get what the ruling class in the western world are too sophisticated [more like stupid] to get, safety and order are not thanks to judges in flowing frocks, lawyers with fancy legal jargon and politicians emitting gaseous platitudes but because of men and women ready to physically defend what's good.

christian soldier said...

MK-could not have stated it better myself! :-)