Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A State of DISOBEDIENCE-by Tom Kratman-Texas Leaves the Union--Fiction-But---

You must read a_A State of Disobedience_ by Tom Kratman!! now in paperback!
copyright 2003- Baen Books-www.baen .com---Prophetic!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good but unfortunately the idiots in Austin just recently signed on to the AGENDA 21 policy and bowed down to the TSA when the TSA threatened to shut down the Texas airports. I feel that they have bowed down to the leviathan as well. SADLY!
Course it's worth the read. :)

christian soldier said...

SE-you will enjoy it-

Z said...

thanks God The AGENDA 21 thing is finally becoming known. But, will we DO anything to stop it? WHere are the Republicans?

CS...thanks for the recommendation. I have so many books to read I'll probably never get to it, but I'd sure like to know how TX does after leaving the union :-)

christian soldier said...

Z-you would enjoy the book- and it is a fast read-if you read til 3:00 AM :-)