Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 Air Force Units -By Country-

You all know how much I love planes (and horses )- I believe that the Air Force's first pilots came from excellent horsemen-remember - West Point's Thayer Hall - used to be the riding hall-(-:)
Dressage-Riding War Moves-Army Air Corps - US Air Force-
You will so enjoy the Horse and Rider video on the link- one of the finest rides I have seen -remember Dressage = training- = cavalry-= war moves-
one of my first blog posts-posted the tube link-later embedded the video-didn't know how to embed in 2008 WOW- I've come a long way!!
Smile moment for me - how about you:


tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...

I believe that the United States Air Force is still number one followed by Russia and Israel and Great Briton is among the top 5.

christian soldier said...

M-that is what the video states as well- :-)

Kid said...

I love aircraft. Especially fighters.
As soon as I was able to assemble plastic models, I soon had my entire bedroom ceiling draped with them.

They made a mistake in the vid. It wasn't the P-52 Musting, it was the P-51.

christian soldier said...

K-you caught it-thanks...