Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation-Travel-Once a Week

It is time for me and probably for many of you- my Patriot friends- to get away from the 'stuff' going on-
I'm Getting into the TRAVEL BUSINESS-slowly-
I have decided to post fabulous cruise and vacation opportunities once a week -
and-guess what-
I'll be helping family and friends and I'll get credit ($ ?) for it---
My link: Please use when you book-Thank you my friends :-)


WomanHonorThyself said...

enjoy the vacay hun!..xxoo!

Kid said...

Cool idea. Enjoy.

tha malcontent said...

Keep em coming.

christian soldier said...

K-it will be nice to get back into a business--

christian soldier said...

M-I will-"retirement" does not suit me---:-)

Z said...

oh, gad, what a marvelous trip!
I've stayed in the Rhein wine country and it's beautiful and WHAT WINES!

Good idea, Carol!! I think I'm going to advertise your weekly travel blog soon.......I'll write a travel story (or dig one out, I have many from having lived in Europe and traveled a lot) and link to you!
What days will it be? Every Monday, or??

christian soldier said...

Z-thank you- my friend!
Yes-every Monday-

Yvonne Kirby said...

nice i am all so come and we enjoy.
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