Saturday, August 20, 2011

LILA ROSE-Brave-Organizer -for the UnBorn Human!

We must organize and be bold-and Lila Rose is an example of creative -follow through..
I have been following her since I learned of her from the Pastor of UCLA-Lutheran Chapel-some 4 years ago...
She is bold and unwavering- and definitely brave-
Going after govt funded (MY and YOUR tax payer $$$) Planned Parenthood is no small undertaking!

__My salute to you LILA-__
Carol-Founder President of__ LA Lutherans for LIFE__


Z said...

What a HERO! I had never heard of this young woman. Imagine the Planned Parenthood fellow who was so indignant at her 'tactics'? No indignation toward killing babies and saying things like "Don't tell me how old you are", etc., but SUCH indignation over someone standing for the unborn. Such a typical liberal smokescreen to kill the messenger and to evade their own horrid tactics.
I'm sending your link to friends...they'll feel cheered by such a fearless advocate for life!
Happy Sunday, Carol

christian soldier said...

Z-Have you ever checked my LA Lutherans for Life site---
It is packed with information-
also-please pray for Joan and Marlit-two of my original 'starter-uppers' for LA LFL- called them when I broke my foot and could not 'do anything-called them-
"Hey-your want to help me est. a Lutherans for Life chapter?!"
They both answered with a resounding YES!
Now-they are suffering from cancer-
Hugs to you- My friend-

MK said...

What Z said, couldn't have said it better. Too bad they now have her picture and watch out for her. I wonder if we can help them financially, i'll look for a website, see if i can throw a few bucks her way. We need more people like her.

christian soldier said...

MK-her site is linked to the LA Lutherans for Life site-
click the -My Salute- Mona Lisa -
It will get you to Live Action-donate it top right...

MK said...

Thanks Carol, will be sending something their way.