Saturday, August 6, 2011

US Troops-31-Dead-When Are We in the US Going to Demand a WIN or Get Out

NATO = UN= hate the US crowd-
I want our BEST to be issued fighting to WIN RoEs -or bring them home !!
and- while we are at it-get us out of __ NATO - UN -Germany and et al until all whom we protect thank our BEST and the US citizens for our $$$$$__ and most important-the lives of our sons and daughters!____another take by Valley -
my take-Just think of the US tax payer $$$$ saved when we are not defending the Frikken world!


Adrienne said...

Carol - most of those guys were from Team 6 (special forces.)

My "back-up beeper" went off the charts when I read that. Just sayn'...

Kid said...

Too many people grieving this weekend.
Have mercy..