Saturday, November 26, 2011

BEAM of Light on Fallen Soldier's Dog-Send Me to No Heaven That Does Not Have Horses-Dogs-Cats!!!

Sunday Faith post early-For those who believe there is a heaven /for those who don't---
BTW-I had an argument w/ a Lutheran Pastor-
He stated to my son's Sunday School class (son was 8 at the time) that there were no animals in heaven - son cried-when he came home and told me:
"Mom-pastor says Daphne will not go to heaven."
"Oh-really!!" I said - " He and I will have talk!"
My comment to the 'good' pastor-
"IF HEAVEN is a better Place-it will have dogs-horses-cats-and all other animals!"
"If it does not-I do not want to go there!!!"
This is an NON shopped photo of the dog of one of our fallen BEST-taken just after his mother asked a certain question:
abc hero wardog ll 111122 wblog Not Photoshopped: Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldiers Miracle Dog
You all-check the link to read the question - and to check out the lead up and the end result - you will love it ..
h/t drudge report


Leticia said...

Yes, our beloved pets are in heaven, of that, I have absolutely no doubt. I know I am going to see precious babies again.

Darn people for shattering kids hearts like that. I have had to deal with that rubbish as well.

christian soldier said...

it is good to know that our pets will be with us-isn't it-

WomanHonorThyself said...

stunning...makes me miss my doggie..:( Hope u had a super Thanksgiving my friend:)

bunkerville said...

I guess that answers any questions!

Leticia said...

Yes, it is, Carol. I know we will be reunited with our precious pets.

christian soldier said...

A-We did and I know you did too : - )

B-it does--

L- we will --and it is a good thing!!