Friday, November 25, 2011

M-14 Coming Out of Storage-Long Range-RE: SNIPER : - )

You will enjoy this - all of you who BELIEVE in the Second Amendment ---
Our military 'retired' the M-14-
M14 afmil.jpg

Cadets at WP used to carry them -until it was 'retired' and they were switched to the M-16-
Well- the wonderful M-14 is being retrofitted and is being utilized by our 'long range' shooters in Afghanistan--too COOL-
RE:'long range sometimes ==== SNIPER !!!
Link to My 2008 Ode to the Second Amendment-by Carol
The Right To Bear Arms

I am moved
To remind...THAT
Every tyrant from
The beginning of time
Has ITS eye on
What's yours and mine.

All tyrants come from
The league of men.
For control of others
The laws they bend.

The only way we can survive
Is to exercise
Our covenant
With any government...
Amendment II
The Right of Arms to Bear.

Until He comes AGAIN
Making All Hearts Pure...

If it is Peace
You seek...

You must PREPARE for WAR!!!


Anonymous said...

2nd Ammendment Gun Ownership of individual Americans is THE REASON that the West Coast wasn‘t invaded by Japan in the 1940’s.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

- Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
(Japanese Navy)
Keep your powder dry and measured!
Semper Fi

christian soldier said...

SE-thank you for that reminder--
we must stand strong and uphold the original intent of the Constitution and the -at least- the First and Second Amendments!!!