Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Freedom Under Fire-My Thought

History always repeats itself-
History ignored is History repeated-
Tyrannous historical events always come again if we are not willing to fight for freedom!

Thought for the Future of Freedom --from my post written 2008-


Is the PAST

Not dealt with.

My poem from 2008
We Christians had better WAKE UP!!
The Pentagon forced an Army post in Afghanistan to remove a cross on its worship tent. It’s offensive to liberal atheists.
my comment at GW-
and we CHRISTIANS are doing WHAT about IT!~!!!!
NADA-why am I not surprised...
the__ DoD also burned our Soldiers BIBLES __(link)- NO CHRISTIAN out rage on that either!
Gateway Pundit



Leticia said...

The military personnel have little say when superiors back them into a corner, if they had not obeyed orders it could have gotten ugly. However, I am surprised most soldiers didn't stand up and say they wanted the cross or the bibles.

But Christians need to quit hiding under the blankets and start standing up just like the Muslims, atheists and liberals in general.

Our Christian liberties are being trampled on because some of us refuse to stand up and fight for our right to worship our God.

Happy Thanksgiving!

tha malcontent said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Carol and the rest of the gang

MK said...

Crazy isn't it, this kowtowing to an intolerant minority.

On a different note, i'm off for a break, have a wonderful Christmas Carol and family.

Kid said...

This is serious nonsense. We won't begin to heal until this PC crap stops.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I got OUT!
Now we need to get the wikka(sp?) chapel and symbols off the Air Force Academy land.
In one of my posts and comments I asked why that if there is no God....why do atheists really care about the Christian symbols and words?
The answer: Evil always runs from the Word!

Lauras Letters said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, I enjoyed reading your wonderful and special blog.

christian soldier said...

L-indeed our Christian liberties are being usurped-and it is time that we speak up---esp for our BEST in the field of battle--

TM-thank you my Patriot friend--

MK-have a wonder 'rest' - see you after Christmas!

TK-I no longer speak PC-and have found that some are smiling : -)

SE-thank you for your excellent take--

LL- thank you for your kind words-I will be visiting your site soon : - )

republicanmother said...

Communists run our foreign policy. These are the same people agitating for a world government and their using our servicemen to get the job done. I guess it shouldn't come as a shock that they want to strip God out of the sight. How can you win a battle without Him, though?