Thursday, November 3, 2011

Children of ILLEGALS Sue for FREE Education-&- DHS Takes Over TV Screens at Hotels--

My Child had to pay full rate....Children (born in the US ) of illegals feel deprived that they have to pay for their higher education in some states-so are suing ..
Students (of illegals) born in the US bring suit for FREE education
NOW-if the students would move to good 'ol CA-we taxpayers would foot their bill and they would get FREE education--however-student children of LEGAL US citizens would NOT get FREE Ed...Enough - is enough...

1984 - anyone!!
HS Takes Over TV Screens at Major Hotels


Leticia said...

Unbelievable gall!

Deport their parents and hopefully, they will have no choice to follow them.

I most certainly don't want to pay for the college tuition. Who's going to pay for my kids? Me and my husband, that's who.

Ungrateful low-lives.

Anonymous said...

This is really getting old, but one more year. That is what I tell myself.

MK said...

Crazy isn't it. Thanks to liberals everything will be free for all but those who actually pay the bills.

christian soldier said...

L-indeed-the tax payers (me and all other tax payers) did not pay for my son's's time for a stand---

B-unfortunately- the R s are just as 'guilty ' as the ds in promoting the voting base of those who cross our borders illegally--

MK-create 'victims' tax payers pay- votes are 'bought'..