Monday, November 21, 2011

Original Intent-

My original intent for my blog was to write poetry and some prose to express my thoughts on freedom-family-country-

I wish to put my two books together-and self publish--

The first has been in my computer files for 4+ years- IT is about the arts being taken out of our schools and the ADD-(hyperactive) children who need the arts - being given drugs instead--
I have all of the illustrations and text for my personal book-_Random Thoughts of Carol_--they have been sitting-waiting for 2 years!!
It is time-
SO-I will be posting-but w/ original intent...and will link important news info from other sites - if I feel it necessary ..
It is time-
I leave you - today- with one of my very first posts!
Hugs to all of you...


Anonymous said...

Read it....Great work!
A great scholar once told me:
If you are feelin Froggy.....Jump!
Good luck to you!

KG said...

We'll miss you, Carol. All the best.

Adrienne said...

Yep - you need to write the ADD thingy. I'm sick and tired of ADD'ers being referred to as having a "disorder." The basis of most ADD is being extremely "visual" learners. The acting out comes from boredom with the average school curriculum or, in the case of boys, well - being boys.

At least keep us updated on your progress. If I can be of any help, let me know. I'm a rare bird - a female ADD'er whose "disorder" followed her to adulthood. I wouldn't trade it for anything... :-)

Leticia said...

Carol, I hope I misread and that you are not shutting down your blog, because I love it!

I also wouldn't mind reading excerpts from your book.

They Say/We Say said...

Have a good Thanksgiving

WomanHonorThyself said...


christian soldier said...

SEP-: - )

KG-I will be here still-and will even post events that no others have posted-like the Marines hefting the cross at Pendelton--

A-I -too-am ADD(hyperactive)only it was not recognized when I was kid-it was -she has trouble concentrating-: - )

L-I will be here-thank you for your kind thoughts-just not posting everyday--

TSWS-thank too...

A-and to you -my friend...

Kid said...

Nice Poem. And ... Same as it ever was eh?