Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Freedom in the US a Myth-

Before you watch the video-look at the greatness of the US via-Woodpile and THEN watch the video...
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Now: watch - Is Freedom a Myth..


MK said...

You folks are probably a little freer than the rest of us, but out here we're not really free, it's just an illusion. You can't really speak freely or hold certain opinions. You can't even be free of funding evil.

Just recently some of our farmers found out that the land they own is not really their own land. Apparently what's under the land is not theirs, so if the state decides that some gas company can come and stick some equipment on their land to take the gas from under it, you have to shut your mouth.

We're like dogs held in a really big enclosure. You don't see the fence, so you think you're free.

Leticia said...

We have limited freedom, and I believe most of us are being played, "like a harp." And don't have much of a choice.

Kid said...

These days? Yea, I'd say it is.

Imagine bringing an 1890's man into this period of time. Then give him a ticket for not wearing a seat belt in a car with 10 freakin air bags that he didn't order and doesn't want to pay for.

I'll stop here. And yes, I am 121 years old.

christian soldier said...

MK-"You folks are probably a little freer than the rest of us," ...not much longer - the way we are going.Grrrr

L-played like a harp - indeed!

TK-remember when we road in a car without seat belts---it was great!
121 - WOW,..

They Say/We Say said...

I could be 1,500. Remember well the Isles and Wales; the deceit and mystic downfall of the start of chivalry. The founders were full of dreams and high hopes for this experiment of governed by consent.