Saturday, June 14, 2014

FLAG DAY-Sweet Charity's Second Foal -- Sweet Independence-- was born on Flag Day & ARMY -Happy Birthday>>

My Mare's (Sweet Charity) second foal (Sweet Independence) was born on Flag Day -
Sadly- both are in heaven -
If I were better at this computer thingy- I'd post one of my photos of the  two of them --they looked
 kind of like these two (-:

and Happy Birthday ARMY- 239 Years Old -
BTW-for my Marine "buddies"
GO ARMY-Beat Navy (-:


Marine4Ever said...

Sorry for your losses, Carol. I know how you feel; I've been through it.
Thanks for thinking of us Marines... I guess.

christian soldier said...

M4- only the first week end in Dec. (-:

christian soldier said...

M4 - we who love our animals look forward to seeing them again - standing next to Jesus--
only on the first week-end in Dec -you know (-: