Thursday, June 26, 2014

McNaughton ARTIST- Uses His Great Talent to Get the Truth Out! Patriot-BOLD-

McNaughton is one of the few True Artist of our time-his technique is of the "old type" --
(Remember- Michelangelo inserted political truth into his art- look carefully at the ceiling in the Vatican-the Sistine Chapel -(-:)

Go to his site-and- if nothing else- read all of the moving scrolls that he - in his own words- explains why he mixes art and politics--and how he wants to be remembered- God-Family-Country--

It is time for me to make the choice to use the gifts that the Creator has given me -I must find a quiet place away from my house- --and-perhaps- withdraw from the blog world--I have not produced a piece for over two years-
Many of my pieces are political and religious- the Full Armor of God sculpture is taken from Bible verses- Is 59- God put on the Full Armor-Lk-19 Jesus gave the command to "Occupy (military term meaning - hold the ground won) til I come:-He won-we hold the ground ! and Eph. 6 - god gave us the Full Armor that He wore in Is 59--
The soldier has the sword of the spirit- breastplate of righteousness - feet 'shod' w/ the preparation of peace-helmet of salvation -  and- instead of an  actual shield (of Faith) he is carrying the Bible --


Mustang said...

I particularly enjoy this artist’s work, Carol ... and I really appreciated the message in the video. Thank you for posting it. Still, debt is but one of the eight heads of our destruction.

When you do produce your next work, may I see it?

TS/WS said...

Kinda off topic - but not in a round about way.
The Summer Solstice is happening with the Star Sirius. This is something BIG, in the Arab World. This is something Big in the Egyptian World; and the two regions tie together with the Moon god of the Muslims. Egypt - Nefertiti and her husband tried to change the moon god worship to the sun god worship, and got themselves killed. And then their son took over (TuT) and he died, but leaving a Chance of the two people's worship mingling. And the Egypt Paintings on the walls of the tombs (Pyramids) or, where ever we see historical figures of the half man with a dog head - That is Sirius, The Dark Star that fell from Heaven. Jude talks of the Stars as fallen angels.
Sirius symbolizes the dark father Ha-satan.
Ever wonder why the call button in the GM cars is named OnStar and the Satellite Radio is named Sirius? Something in (over) the Air (Zeus).
Abraham's son Benjamen was sold to the Egyptians, and the Pharaoh liked him and made him his right hand man--and gave him a wife to wed--the daughter of the priest of ON, the sun god and in the old Testament Satan was called the Star (the sun)(OnStar).
Well, all this is coming to play in that region.
Remember in the first couple of months of 2,002 when the 5 stars alined with the moon? That is why the 9/11 happened--the Arabs thought that the stars lined up in their favor-to attack the USA.
And now they think that the Summer Solstice and Sirius together will bring in the ONE who they are waiting for (the False Prophet-the Anti-Christ, the 3rd Imon-or who ever they are waiting for).
So we can brace ourselves for the oncoming troubles (maybe ww3).
And speaking of troubles, the Tribulation is also called Jacobs Troubles. And everyone will experience them. After the troubles will we see the Son of Man commeth. Matthew 24: 29-31.

Z said...

He's like the new Norman Rockwell, in a way.
Very powerful.

TS/WS said...

I had a off memory moment.
I was thinking Abraham taught the Egyptians to read the stars, ment to type Jacobs son Benjamen.
And the 12th Imon--not 3rd. yukk I have a lot of senior moments these days.

TS/WS said...

oh, and the 5 planets alined with the moon.

Gecko said...

I love his work Carol, a very talented artist.
It's a shame you haven't been able to work on your art, it's beautiful.
It is a difficult choice, you need an outlet for your anger/disgust at some people/politicians, without it coming through in your art.
You will be missed if you give away your blogging :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for posting this. I may never have seen it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

tragic news about the boys in Israel..keep the faith..I need you....:(

William Stout said...

I beg to differ, Carol. You have been creating art. The words are your paint and the blank page, your canvas. If you doubt that, then take a look at Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard." It is not the desire to do art that you long for, it is merely the desire to use another medium of expression. As for the topic at hand, I couldn't agree more.

It never ceases to amaze me at how a people will balk at slavery when it is imposed by force, yet the same people will affix the yoke of slavery about their own necks and will do so cheerfully. Either way, you are a slave. It is only the context that differs. This is the great evil of socialism and it's darker cousin, communism. The Proletariat finds no freedom in either system.

But like a child, if you give the public something with which to distract their attention, then they never notice their condition. This is why we say that freedom is not free. It requires vigilance, effort, sacrifice, and thought. The left would say that we are not intellectual, but that is a lie. A conservative is far more of an intellectual than the left who follow their leaders like brain dead zombies, and that is why we term them useful idiots.

I mourn the darkening of the United States. In just my lifetime, I have witnessed the public transition to the role of the slave and they are not even aware that it has happened. When Barrack Obama said that he was going to fundamentally alter the United States of America, nobody foresaw the current state of affairs.

The Clarion sounds, and nobody hears. I fear that shall be the epitaph of this nation. For the first time in American history, we will turn over a nation to our children that is worse off than when we received it. That is how I know that we are in decline. Worse, it is by our own hand. Great nations do not succumb to conquerors, they suicide first and then the barbarians divide up what is left. By the time that the public awakes and realizes it's own folly, it may well be too late.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Have a terrific Independence DAY weekend Carol! and
God bless you my friend:)

Kid said...

Carol-CS. I don't see anything on my site that would keep you from commenting. ?

christian soldier said...

Thank you all for your kind words-

I have good news- I have found a wonderful place where I can "do my art" - and mingle w/ fellow artists-

I will continue to post -

This grand Republic is worth staying in the fray...
Love and hugs

christian soldier said...

To add- the model for my Christian warrior was a skinny dancer type-so-I 'beefed' him up - studied what the officers wore - right down to the seamless - flowing - drape - (which was used for weather protection) -