Thursday, June 19, 2014

FOX-Murdoch- Is For Immigration "Reform" - Seems to Be Neutral on PRO LIFE -

and-read why PRO -LIFE advocate -  Drudge - left FOX-:

and Beck left and started his own -The Blaze-

I have had "iffy" feelings about FOX for awhile-
 after reading the HISTORY (truthful history is a necessity for any discernment)  -
I will no longer trust FOX-

 OH- and let's not forget that a Saudi prince -Alwaleed bin Talal- is number 2 owner of FOX -read how the good prince feels about America:


Kid said...

I don't trust any entity that relies on the public for its livelyhood. In the best case, I do think FOX is wasting their time with this fair and balanced nonsense. Present the Conservative case, let the other 99% of media do the libtard stuff.

TS/WS said...

Like it or not---Fox is all we have besides blogs and some talk radio

Mustang said...

No news source is trustworthy. This is why an informed citizens must have several sources to help them sort out what is real, what isn’t. What we know about leftists is that refuse to accept any information that does not conform to their pre-conceived narrative.

christian soldier said...

K- I am with you - KID!!

TS- sadly- you are right- could we get rid of some of the "fair and balanced" - pleeeease (-:

M- thank God for the blog world!!