Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Take a Second Look At Soldier-Bergdahl - Who Deserted His Post and His Dad-Who Wants All Gitmo Terrorists Released

Yes, Let's Trade Five Terrorists For The Guy Who Deserted His Post

Phew. Glad THAT'S over. I'm so happy to know that we are now officially negotiating with terrorists to get someone who willingly walked away from his post returned. And he'll get an undeserved hero's welcome, rather than the court-martial he deserves.
But hey, look who raised him. Here's a recent tweet from his dear old dad.

Yeah, welcome home.

Thank you Vinnie at JAWA for your take- I had not even remembered that Bergdahl had "left his Post"--

The link directly above has comments that further clarify the "connection" of  Son (who wrote in an e-mail that he was "...ashamed to even be an american."-- and his Dad-who wants all Gitmo prisoners (terrorists) released--

This is staying here until all of my loyal readers have a chance to read it and the comments at the JAWA link(s) ...

BTW- looks like the Republicans in Congress are "upset" and stated that bho  "may have broken the law" 
REALLY !! - and what are you weak kneed Rsss going to do about it!??!!!!

UP DATES_ Bergdahl snuck off post to join taliban-six of our BEST killed trying  to find him!!!
DAD praises allah-bho hugs him- 

UP DATE - and read the comments- 

From one of his fellow soldiers who - and  all on base- was/were  told to remain silent by the Army brass-now he is telling the true story-

up date to the up dates-one of the 6 soldiers who died trying to find the deserter/traitor Bergdahl-



Adrienne said...

Have you seen this????

Maybe someone could explain to me what the hell is going on. Someone?

Mustang said...

Spot on, Carol. And now that the President of the United States has placed himself into the picture ... he’ll be hard pressed to act as Commander in Chief during court martial proceedings ... if the matter ever gets that far. My take, Moslem Obama is looking out for Moslem Taliban and Moslem Bergdahl parents. Time will tell.

Kid said...

Every time I read one of these things I think about how it's not possible to cure a cancer with band aids and nyquil.

TS/WS said...
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Kid said...

TS/WS. I'm sure with you baby, but I don't think the population means squat to the pols anymore. It's all demographics and voting fraud. But still, wouldn't we need a federal prosecutor at least? I don't think there is one who'd turn on obama.

TS/WS said...
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Kid said...

I will do my part then.

TS/WS said...
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christian soldier said...

A- I usually answer w/ my mantra of 'follow the money and power'--on this one - I am completely stymied!

M-bho will have to answer for nothing- as usual w/ the commie/muzzi libs--

K-I agree w/ all of your comments-

TS/WS- I am wondering why you removed your comments--they were spot on!!

TS/WS said...

When callers on a Radio show say what I stated, the Host run from the topic with their tail between their legs.
When commenters don't understand,
and when I said this a couple of times on Z's site - no one understands, even Mustang.
The last post on Z's old blog I said it again, and now Z has block me on the new site.
And I didn't want take that chance here.

christian soldier said...

TS/WS--I block none of my long term "Patriot" are always welcome here!

Mustang said...

TS/WS ...

I have no idea what you're talking about. What don't I understand?

I have nothing to do with who get's in to Z's page. You should address that issue directly to Z ... she has never said anything to me about you one way or the other.