Monday, June 16, 2014

Marine Sings The "Forgotten" Verse of the Star Spangled Banner & a H.S Christian Salutatorian "Defys" the PC Admin..

 Posted this before-It bears "repeating" - Go MARINE-



William Stout said...

Everywhere you turn, the Christian faith is under attack. Folks are now being persecuted for their faith. The may not speak about the Lord, they may not wear a cross, they may not pray. How soon will it be before the sale of Bibles are outlawed, I wonder? Faith in Christ is dying and most churches are nearly empty on Sunday morning.

Knowledge of the Bible is at an all time low and children now scoff at God while they believe in paganism. When will these trends reverse themselves? When will Christians be free to practice their religion in peace again? This is more than just an attack on God or an assault of faith or morals.

Evil still stalks the world and the suppression of religion is an evil act in my estimation. Christians are murdered in the Middle East and Africa. Coptics are raped and killed in Egypt. But nobody says anything.

Darkness encroaches and good men stand by and do nothing. We have seen this before, and I believe that we are currently in the calm before the storm.

Thank you for keeping these issues fresh, Carol.

christian soldier said...

W- I have been asking -"Where are the Christian leaders? Are they afraid to speak out because of the 501 C3?"